Welcome to the Explorer Challenge Caches web site where you can find out all about these caches, how they came about, what you have to do to qualify for the various challenges and even what to do if you want to set your own.

What are Explorer Challenge Caches?

With the increasing popularity of challenge caches back in the autumn of 2011 we, the PetersfieldPoodlePosse, decided to create something a little different.

Explorer Challenge Caches are based on the Ordnance Survey Explorer maps, the concept being that to complete the challenge and sign the log book in the physical cache you need to have found caches in the same number of squares on the map as the map number. For example the first Explorer Challenge cache placed was GC37A2A Explorer 133 Haslemere & Petersfield and you need to find caches in 133 of the possible 600 squares on that map.
Since that first Explorer Challenge Cache, thirteen more (as at August 2013), have been placed by various cache owners in the South of England and the Midlands. This geoaching.com bookmark list shows those that have been published to date.
To help with determining how many map squares you have found caches in, a series of GSAK macros have been created which produce a simple table of your finds in the individual squares. An example can be seen on the How To Qualify page.
Special thanks to BaSHful for suggesting the idea of an accompanying web site and providing support and feedback throughout its development.
An interactive map of the UK has also been created that shows (shaded in orange) the available Explorer Challenges. Clicking on the Unknown/Mystery blue question mark icon in an orange shaded square will show a window of the cache details similar to that on the Geocaching.com map (as shown below). From here clicking on the hyperlink title will take you to the actual Explorer Challenge cache page. Grey shaded squares represent Explorer maps that do not as yet have a Challenge cache set; if you would like to set one please see the Setting an Explorer Challenge page.